It didn’t take time-consuming afterward the update surfaced that clients started reporting slow application loading, especially when reviving sources. Fortunately, Sam Bingner has released a second update to Cydia end of the friday dubbed v1.1.33, which is meant to address that similar slowness.

In a post published on /r/jailbreak, Bingner justifies the settings in moderately vivid detail, accepting Saurik for helping to point him in the right way to resolve:

Cydia updated to fix time-consuming load times for several people – it was because of an apt quirk. This has reduced the load time for me with 112 sources and around 65k packages from around 3-5 seconds to about 1.4 seconds… and obviously from 30 seconds to less than 2 seconds for a tester.


Cydia (has always) generated what seems like a presumably free object in something that is named in a round for each source. This item currently performs all performed techniques and see what version

they are inside apt. it’s not sure if this was continuously in the case, but it drastically slowed down Cydia’s load time, especially with a more of tweaks and a lot of basics because every one of those calls had to consume all the tweak’s constructors go on it. I set it by collecting the pkgAcquire item at a upper level

As always, you can step up the new version of the Cydia package manager by introducing the Cydia app on your jailbroken iOS device and reboot your sources. It would comes up as an fundamental upgrade afterward.