Are you a big fan of movies? What is your favorite in 2020? We are still a few months into 2020. But there’s no lack seen in updates to the collection. So knowing how eager you are on picking your mood fixer, here we are bringing the Best Movies 2020 in considering the updates so far came. So take a look here. Also now available lots of online streaming movie app that supports for iOS, Android, Window, Mac, Apple TV as well as Android TV. Among these apps, MovieBox Pro is the best app that can use to watch high-quality movies.

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What are the Best Movies 2020? – MovieBox Free Download Available

Every year brings a lot to the collection of movies. With no difference, 2020 starts with a big hit on movie fans. Even though we are still a few months into 2020 so far, we have some striking movie options that should never miss. Like to know what they are? Here are some best picks.

  • Weathering with You


Weathering with You is a remake by American which was originally set in Japan during a period of heavily rainy weather. This is a love story that tells the story of a high-school boy to go to Tokyo and makes friends with an orphan girl. And this girl has the ability to handle the weather.


  • Color Out of Space


We find Color Out of Space in 2019 as an American science fiction cosmic horror film. This is directed and co-written by Richard Stanley. This film is grounded in the short story “The Color Out of Space by H. P. Lovecraft”.

With a meteorite lands, Nathan Gardner and his family get into a dangerous battle against a transformed alien organism that passes on a disease to minds and bodies. This can be called a scary, beautiful and engaging movie you should not miss.


  • The Assistant


The movie, “The Assistant” is an American drama film came in 2019. This has written, produced, directed, and edited by Kitty Green. The movie is a super hit and supported by starring Julia Garner, Matthew Macfadyen, Makenzie Leigh, Kristine Froseth, Noah Robbins, and more that you love. The movie has world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival back in, 2019.

The story follows one day in the life of Jane starring Julia Garner. She is a recent college graduate and hopeful film producer. And here she has newly landed in her job supporting the role junior assistant. The story flows making you a lot excited, so never miss.

  • The Whistlers


The Whistlers, movie is an action movie that brings violence, action and enough sex in order to satisfy the average action movie follower.

In the movie, the policeman plays a highlighting role that does not see everything as it simply appears to be. He is Cristi, the policeman who sticks on both sides of the law in an exciting way.


  • Beanpole


Kantemir Balagov, Russian director has brought this film to the public as a soul-touchingly influential and divinely mounted historical drama. This should really merit an Oscar nomination, you would too think if you take a look. But it was only short-listed and did not reach to top 5. The story goes around two female veterans attempt to connect up with life in postwar St. Petersburg.


  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always


The movie Never Rarely Sometimes Always is a 2020 American-British drama film. This is written and directed by Eliza Hittman starring Sidney Flanigan, Talia Ryder, and more.

The story Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020 movie) is about a pair of teenage girls in rural Pennsylvania who are traveling to New York City looking for medical assistance for an unplanned pregnancy.


  • First Cow


The movie First Cow is a 2019 American drama film directed by Kelly Reichardt. And this was from a screenplay by Reichardt and Jonathan Raymond. The story is based on Raymond’s novel The Half-Life. The movie was a hit starring John Magaro, Toby Jones, Orion Lee, Ewen Bremner and more.

The story is woven around two travelers, on the run from a band of revengeful hunters. This is in the 1820’s Northwest, tracing of getting it rich. But their shaky plan to make their wealth on the border comes to depend on the underground use of a landowner’s valued dairy cow.


  • The Way Back


The Way Back which is also found as “Finding the Way Back” in different markets is a new movie in 2020 comes under the American sports drama film category. The film is directed by Gavin O’Connor and has written by Brad Lngelsby.

It starts like a sports movie but later turns into a more exciting flow. Affleck plays the role of Jack Cunningham, a former high school basketball player with strong forecasts and a full ride to play.


  • Swallow


The movie Swallow is a 2019 psychological thriller. We find the film written and directed by Carlo Mirabella-Davis. The movie is a super hit starring Haley Bennett, Elizabeth Marvel, Austin Stowe ll, and more

Swallow can be mentioned as a challenging and squirm-convincing psychological thriller. The story has woven around a woman untying as she struggles to regain freedom in the face of a domineering system by whatever said potential.

  • Lost Girls


Lost Girls is a new movie in 2020. We find it as an American mystery drama film directed by Liz Garbus. And this is from a screenplay by Michael Werwie, which is inspired by the book “Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery” written by Robert Kolker. The film is going around an unsolved murder of young female sex workers.

The movie is successful starring Amy Ryan, Lola Kirke, Thomasin McKenzie, and more starts that you love.

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