Within a couple of days, Apple will break the ice of iOS 13. System wide dark mode, renovated Photos app, Apple option to Sign in, all-new photo edit UI, location data limits and more features are awaiting to make the enormous operation system a thrilled one once more. As Apple already settled, iOS 13.1 beta too on its journey that too will smoothly drop to the audience on schedule. However, it was iOS 12.4 in the role of edge of iOS 12 that commences a year back. The best reminder is that hackers could jailbreak iOS 12.4 even after a long hushed. Therefore, those iPhone, iPad and iPod touch playing iOS 12.4 can download Cydia or Sileo app and play Cydia tweaks and everything behind jailbreak privilege.

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How to jailbreak iOS 12.4?

In the first place, got to know what is the exact tool that supports jailbreak iOS 12.4? At this instant, there are two separate developers who reached iOS 12.4 as Pwn20wnd and Electra. Therefore, those who are searching for the utility will encounter Unc0ver and Chimera as two recent tool releases. On the grounds, we have to consider two separate methods of iOS 12.4 jailbreak.

Unc0ver jailbreak guide

Unc0ver jailbreak, cydia download

  • Create a complete backup using iCloud/iTunes
  • Download Unc0ver jailbreak and Cydia Impactor latest version on your Windows or Mac
  • Launch Cydia impactor and start the procedure
  • Connect iPhone or iPad to the computer
  • Stay a few minutes until the device get detected
  • Drag and drop Unc0ver IPA file to the Impactor UI
  • Enter your login details of Apple ID
  • So the process will begin and leave Unc0ver jailbreak app icon on your device Home screen
  • Go to Settings app > General > Profiles > find Unc0ver profile
  • And then tap “Trust” and mark changes as “Delete”
  • Facilitate Airplane mode and disable Siri. And reboot the device. And check Airplane mode remain the same while Wi-Fi is disable
  • Go to Home and open Unc0ver app
  • Tap “Jailbreak” button. The iPhone should respring during the operation
  • Check Home screen for Cydia download

Chimera jailbreak guide

Chimera jailbreak, cydia download, jailbreak iOS 12.4

  • Download Chimera jailbreak and Cydia Impactor on PC or Mac
  • Connect the iDevice to the computer using a proper USB cable
  • Give your Apple ID details and click OK
  • The app will load to your Home screen and apply Chimera jailbreak icon there
  • Navigate to Settings app > General > Profiles > find Chimera profile
  • Tap Trust
  • Check Home screen as Sileo app will be there

Important facts to remember about iOS 12.4 jailbreak

While Unc0ver jailbreak will support you to directly download Cydia package and the substrate that Pwn20wnd specifically designed, Chimera jailbreak will lead you through download Sileo app as the only true alternative to Cydia. Although it appears that Sileo is a different package, both supports jailbroken features, Cydia tweaks and everything comes behind jailbreak permission. If Sileo users need Cydia iOS 12.4 on their devices, they are capable to go through respective steps and download Cydia there.

Since both jailbreak iOS 12.4 applications comes with semi-untethered status, reboot of whatever device with their jailbreak permission will switch to unjailbreak. But, still the app is there and all you have to do is click the Jailbreak button by launch each app.

Behind that, those who entered regular free Apple ID will have to renew their certificate weekly because of the expiration. This should carry out from the very first step of each procedure.