The reputed developer, security researcher Luca Todesco is once again in the chapters showing possibilities to iOS 11 Jailbreak. This time, it gets more attention from all around as this for the latest Apple’s software update iOS 11. As to him, this is WebKit exploit could probably bring possibilities to a new Cydia era soon in the future. So like to get with all facts around?

iOS 11 Jailbreak

With thanks to the same developer Todesco sometime back, we came to meet Yalu jailbreak added support from iOS 10-10.2. So anyone searches for the latest jailbrekable firmware will get the result as iOS 10.2. And although there were certain instances showing possibilities to Cydia Download of different firmware, none of them haven’t yet come in the build of a public tool update. But I do not say there were none at all as, the update of Phoenix, Untethered Home Depot etc. came in that era in targeting the legacy devices and some older firmware. As to the record, the release of Untethered Jailbreak dubbed EtasonJB iOS 8.4.1 is the one latest but addresses only iOS 8.4.1 users.

Will Todesco make iOS 11 Jailbreak Possible?

In every time we meet Todesco, there is something to talk in jailbreak and Cydia. With no difference, he has shattered the silence bringing a clue of Jailbreak iOS 11 showing the possibilities through a WebKit Exploit. Although he has not put any word beyond just the view, it speaks a lot to the possibilities of a new Cydia era. In fact, a WebKit Exploit is a door for a possible Safari-based jailbreak which I guess for what Todesco is best.

There are times, developers came successfully in exploiting but not with any public tool releases. In fact, most of the times they keep things for the research purpose instead of developing a public jailbreak solution. And some willing to sell the discoveries in bound to Apple’s bug bounty program rather than working for a release. So in that way, it is still a secret how Todesco willing to work on the exploit. But in case if he has some plans, there would be a new Cydia iOS 11 era with benefit to a large crowd as it is a quite few weeks old in the chapters to the date.

iOS 11 Download

A Word about Cydia Road Ahead

The latest news on iOS 11 Jailbreak is like music to all Cydia fans. And as this is from the side of Todesco, we can keep some hope of bringing things soon together for a reliable tool update. But do not forget that Apple is strongly working on the Cats and Mouse game bringing constant minor updates to the iOS 11 software making the wall quite tighter. By now iOS 11.0.2 has updates for all the 64-bit devices in target several fixes and under the hood improvements. At the same time, Apple has seeded the first beta of iOS 11.1 to the both developers and public testers to what Apple might work next.