iTools is an admirable alternative to Apple’s own iTunes working for the complete need of iOS management. It has the similar feel to the iTunes but carried so many additions within the frame. With the upgrade of iTools 4 Download now, it is more confirmed where the support of the latest iOS 11 too offered. So at the moment, we have so much to consider in updates of iPhones, latest firmware etc, this is my attempt to make you closer to the best iOS management utility iTools 4.

iTools 4 Download

All iPhone, iPad, iPod users need proper iOS management help regardless the state of jailbreak. Although there are numerous options jailbreakers could reach via Cydia Installer, the use of iTools is something needful no matter what state you are from. In fact, iTools is for all iDevices in respectively the firmware it takes. And from the things, it can make the user satisfaction, its flexible work frame is noticeable. So when the times your iPhone, iPod, iPad meet several complications from Apple’s own iTunes, it simply makes you moved to iTools free. It is friendly and with all use of iTunes, offering the highest productivity too.

iTools 4 Download- Highlights

Compared to the previous iTools series, the latest iTools 4 packs a number of supportive upgrades. And as it carrying support to the iPhone, iPad and iPod devices upgraded the iOS 11 Download, it can be recommended for almost all users running from previous to the latest iOS firmware. But it is important to check for the compatibility first.

Just like iTunes itself, iTools running through the desktop PC. And as it is workable for both Mac and Windows, the number of users get benefited through iTools 4 Download is quite high. So check for the system requirements prior the processing above.

  • Windows and XP, Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Vista
  • Mac OS X 10.7 version and all upper

Just like the frame of work, iTools installation is too handy for all. You need to install the program completely on the PC before connecting the Apple devices. And then, move to the rest of configuration as per screen after which you can enjoy all of the features with iTools.

iTools 4 Features- What is the most noticeable?

iTools 4 Download

As stated above, iTools brings so much of exciting features within the work frame. Although all of them cannot bring in the list here, I choose some of the noticeable to make you fully aware of how iTools Download going to work for your need.

  • Complete data migration solution
  • File managing and arranging through exclusive file explorer
  • Battery management feature for the complete update of the status
  • Customization facilities including iTools exclusive Ringtone Maker
  • All App management
  • Firmware upgrades and downgrades
  • Desktop Management via iTools 4 Windows or Mac and more

iTools 4


The things iTools 4 latest could do is hardly assembled to a single page. But if I am forced to, this is the noticeable facts of iTools and how it winning the user above iTunes original. But as to the most reports, iTools comes with some lag at some point as one of the drawbacks. And additionally, its lack of support for iTunes is another to mention that wished to be added soon. Apart from that, there is hardly anything to complain in considered iTools latest. And for all in need of iPhone, iPad and iPod management, we recommend iTools 4 Download for free.