iOS 11 is the latest mobile operating system version of Apple now signs for 64-bit devices. And just as expected, it is a revolutionary update for all the users from which Apple introduces a host of new features, app redesigns, additions, modifications to existing and so much with all sides. But did you ever think what could make you tired of iOS 11 Download? In the post update, you will find some of the tricky iOS 11 features and simple guidelines to handle them easily. So get with everything to have a smooth ride to the latest 11th journey.

iOS 11 Download

iOS 11 is where you meet all improved technology. So it is possible having several issues just as much as the pleasure to Install iOS 11. So knowing there are several annoying features, here I am bringing you some guidelines to handle them smartly. So check whether is that what made you tired with iOS 11 run.

iOS 11 Download- Quick Fixes

  • Email Error

Apple has accepted the error with the Exchange and Office 365 email address within the Mail app. And while Apple has confirmed working on a fix in these days, we recommend you turn off WiFi and the AirPlane mode for several times as a temporary fix to this.

  • Trouble with Videos and transferring Photos

The latest iOS 11 brings improvements to the camera, photos, and videos. So it follows HEIF and HEVC formats respectively for Photos and Videos. Although this is beneficial as an improvement, in video recording and transferring Photos these formats have been troubling for some. So as a fix we recommend you change the formats back to previous through Settings> Camera > Format and change it to the “Most compatible” feature.

  • No more 32-bit Apps

After iOS 11 Download, you will not be able to launch 32-bit applications. So take a look at all them through Settings > General > About > Applications. But if you think, there are some applications you cannot leave off, downgrading to 10 is the only available option for now.

  • WiFi and Bluetooth from the Control Center

In iOS 11, we find a major revamp to the Control Center. And there, the behavior of the WiFi and Bluetooth toggles have been changed as a bit confusing feature to some.When you simply toggle turn off WiFi/Bluetooth from the Control Center it just gets turned off but would remain active for some features like Pencil, AirDrop, AirPlay etc. So if you need to completely turn off WiFi/Bluetooth go to settings and turn them completely toggled off. Once done you will note a diagonal line on the icon in the CC rather than just the icon turned gray.

  • About the behavior of the Airplane mode

In latest iOS 11, you find the behavior of the AirPlane mode changed. When you tap on the option to for the first time, it will simply disable WiFi/Celleur connectivity and Bluetooth. But if you enable Bluetooth and WiFi when the Airplane mode is on, it will remember the state in the next time too. Simply, having the habit of enabling WiFi/Bluetooth when Airplane mode is on will prevent you from the manual attempts. Although this is quite confusing in some cases, on the other hand, it is very much useful.

  • Autoplay Videos in the App Store

iOS 11 App Store is with full of upgrades. And with the new Today’s section, you can find a lot of apps, games etc every day. But if you notice closely, you will too find too much of autoplay videos in App store irritating. So let us get sorted it by a visit to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Video AutoPlay and turn the feature off.

  • App Store with no more Wishlist

In iOS 11, you no longer meet wishlist feature. But if you like to have the feature even with iOS 11, you are recommended the use of “Lookmark” third-party application.

  • Twitter/Facebook integration no longer allowed

Native integration with Twitter/Facebook has taken off with iOS 11. So you cannot share things not being signed to the original apps. So if you need the feature back, you are recommended to install the apps on the device. If not, you can try with third-party apps and share through the extensions.

iOS 11 Download

The above are some of the annoying iOS 11 Features you would meet with iOS 11 Download. So stay with us as always to get with more interesting facts related to the latest iOS 11 software.