Apple started testing iOS 11 since the time of WWDC back in June. And following an extensive era of testing for months, you can now see iOS 11 Download rights through the GM version where everything is confirmed and ahead of the public launch. So get all facts about the launch of iOS 11 having the golden master launch now at hand.

iOS 11 Download

As one of the major sessions at the recently passed Tech Event, we came to know iOS 11 release through the GM version. But the event was iPhone-centric as three latest handsets have wrapped off just as scheduled. For the biggest surprise, the celebratory 10th anniversary iPhone edition was in the name of iPhone X while expected iPhone 7S and 7S Plus came in the marketing names as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Ready for iOS 11 Download?

As we know from the very beginning, iOS 11 is the best software ever which packs amazing upgrade to features and overall performance. And during the event recently at Steve Job’s Theater, it was officially announced giving rights through the Golden Master stage. Any software at the GM state is completely done in the development and in the state of ready-to-use. So as iOS 11 is now at that era, anyone can now install iOS 11 through the Golden Master version. In fact, this is the final pre-release software version which is same on all sides from the software the public going to receive on 64-bit devices in some more days ahead.

When will iOS 11 be released?

iOS 11 at the Golden Master Stage means Apple has done all development on the new iteration. In fact, it is the previous special release we could see before any major Apple mobile operating system released. And as it is expected to be stable and safe we can recommend anyone excited to hands on the latest iteration to take this GM upgrade checking the compatibility.

jailbreak iOS 11

Apple started testing iOS 11 since the times of WWDC back in June. Releasing the first beta for developers at the WWDC, Apple took moves to beta cycle which has finalized with 10 developers testing versions and 9 for the public. In compared to Apple’s way so far, iOS 11 can be seen with the most extensive era of testing. So what it promised to bring in the public is definitely more than any firmware previous. And that includes upgrades to App Store, Siri improvements, Better OIS for Camera, improvements to Photos, upgrades to Maps, New Files App, features like Do Not Disturb While Driving, amazing upgrades to HomeKit, redesigned Control Center with so much more. And for the interesting part, iOS 11 packs a number of productive features to iPad this time making it a must have upgrade for all iPads. And that includes an update to Dock with quick access, enhances Slide over, Drag and Drop capabilities, Split view, improved Mark up, upgrades to Pencil and with s much more.

The Software now at GM stage will be released on 19th September 2017. So once it is available all 64-bit devices could head iOS 11 Download including iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. But as to the confirmations, iPhone X will open for pre orders on 27th October whereas shipping will start from 3rd November. And iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will come earlier than the fancier iPhone model as it will open for pre orders from 19th September and start shipping on 22nd as planned.