iPhone’s 10th-anniversary edition is now ready for the arrival with dates confirmed on 12th for the next big tech event. As to the schematics so far, it is introducing a new design, improved display, better fit in hand also with the possibility of a new era in on Cydia Download iPhone 8. So if you were not exactly happy with what iPhone 7 in the view of previous, this is worth having a look at which we could expect major revamps in all its sides. Then get into all its news, about the release event, expected features, key specs with also a look at the jailbreak possibilities.

Cydia Download iPhone 8

From the very first moment, we get to know Apple is in working for a new iPhone 8, there were different stories about its size, display, possible additions, software it takes and more. But when things are with certain differences from one to another, we get into the trouble about what it will be confirmed at the final state. So knowing the need of nearly correct admit to the points, we from Cydia-news going to write here from all what we came through leaked images, trusted sources and look to all over the web. So let’s walk through all in brief.

iPhone 8 Release is set on 12th September

Apple’s next biggest Tech event is now all set for the dates with the plan of broadcasting all its interesting editions so far in the developing. Among all to come, iPhone 8 Release is already reserved more attention as the celebratory edition of the whole iPhone line up so far with 10 proud years of history. So the event will take place at Steve Job’s Theater in Cupertino as the first ever happening in the campus. And for double cheers, the event will open space to hands on the next generation software of Apple mobile operating system in target all 64-bit devices and as the software running on the latest iPhone 8. For further, the event will also host the release of iPhone 7S/7S Plus, new 4K Apple TV edition, Apple Watch upgrades with its own Cellular connectivity and possibly some more.

iPhone 8 Features, Pricing, and Availability

As the latest iPhone coming to the view, iPhone 8 expected to bring a wide array of alterations. And as to the leaked images and information, the below listed are some of the features we could expect the gigantic iPhone to feature. So let’s move to all in brief.

High-end build with a new Display

iPhone 8

The display of the new iPhone 8 features amazing changes if we are right with the guessings so far. In fact, Apple must be in the plan of OLED display technology in new iPhone edition just like Samsung’s Galaxy series features. With that, you can get better visual effects, brighter view, and with the chance to preserve battery. And for the interesting fact, the new Phone promises on an edge-to-edge display with no more Home button or Touch ID. So it will be a full-front display with wide visuals.

Facial Recognition

iPhone 8

When Touch ID goes from the front, we get a new way of integrating to the new iPhone. It is the use of Facial Recognition probably will call “Face ID” by Apple at the launch. It will feature a new fancy 3D sensor in the FaceTime Camera and will make your iPhone just a look away.

Glass Body is Back with a different size

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 will be a handier fit on hand with possibly featuring a different size. As we expect, it will be slightly bigger and taller than the iPhone 7 but not as much as iPhone 7 Plus. But sadly, there have been no rumors about the new iPhone’s thickness. And for the other interesting fact, this time the new iPhone going to feature full glass body making wireless charging and more similar possible.

Sensors Used?

iPhone 8

Sensors of the iPhone are under the display. And additionally, it features a Flash, sensors of ambient light, an embedded camera in best work for the new facial recognition. And also there will be wireless charging coil for the new technology, the dual-rear camera module and also a larger battery in L-shape for the better life. At the same time, extra graphite sheet lamination can be expected in the new device for the purpose of heat reduction.

iPhone 8 Processor

iPhone 8

We are now with many confirmations that Apple’s iPhone 8 going to run on Apple A11 Chip. So for the first time, we can expect a great lift in an iPhone’s performance with the use of powerful processor kits. And its use of the high-performance motor is to create complex tactile vibrations while all other functionality can expect to run in double-boosted power. For an example, Siri technology which is highly capable in the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Memory

iPhone 8

Just like all other aspects, we will be able to see improved memory in the new iDevice. We expect it to have 64 to 512 GB and with 3GB of RAM. For more, this time Apple has used Android’s NAND Flash Memory with more improvement than the original build.

iPhone 8 Camera

iPhone 8

Probably iPhone 8 will feature same iPhone 7-like rear Camera features. But we get promised on better Optical Image Stabilization than iPhone 7 here and also with more shooting modes. And further, Facetime camera will feature a new 3D sensor to work with facial recognition with more.

Dust/Water Resistant Rate

iPhone 8

Water/Dust resistance feature was introduced in iPhone 7, but here it has improved making one of the most notable changes coming with the new iPhone. So it will be of IP68 rating.

About Pricing and Availability?

As to the later reports, the availability of iPhone 7 will be earlier than the fancier iPhone 8. As the pressure production line hold is very high in concern iPhone 8, this would probably be right. So it will be confirmedly stated at the 12th Event at Steve Job’s Theater. And when talking about pricing, we expect the starting price as $999 and getting to the highest end with $1,200 or around. So it will definitely be expensive as it is coming with the world’s best mobile technology.

iPhone 8 Software- iOS 11 Download

Cydia Download iPhone 8

iPhone 8 will run on iOS 11 which will also be released in the 12th Event in September. And by now, Apple has given rights Download iOS 11 beta 10 which is possible the end link of beta testing. So we can now expect the release of iOS 11 GM version at the event of which about a week distance we can expect for the software rights on all 64-bit devices.

iOS 11 starting testing from the times of WWDC back in June. So about three months of testing has now made the software ready to use impose of many notable improvements all around. At a glance, it brings customizable Control Center, better Lock screen integration to Notifications, improved App switcher, new screenshot feature, options like “Do Not Disturb while Driving” and so much more. You can click the link here for the complete learning of Apple’s preview on iOS 11.

Updates to Cydia Download iPhone 8

Just as much as iPhone 8 features wins all heart, we get questioned the possibility of Cydia Download iPhone 8 here. And for the happy fact, we already have two powerful demos to iOS 11 Jailbreak from the same iOS hacking team KeenLab. The recent one was a video demo by an active member of KeenLab which proves successful Cydia Install on iPhone 7 running iOS 11 beta 2.

If KeenLab themselves or any developer in the interest of working for a jailbreak update to iOS 11, the chance can be seen like this. And there, we can be happy seen jailbreaking is not completely gone even Apple has said improved of fixes and patches to the highest in software iOS 11. But we have no idea to how far the same exploiting will work on later iOS 11 versions at the same time when comes to iPhone 8. So let’s wait until 12th to see more news on all sides.

The post here covers all about the new iPhone edition to the possibilities of Cydia Download iPhone 8. And I hope this packs everything one need knowing about the iPhone 8, staying a few days behind its official word of release. If so, keep sharing and feel free to reach through comments for anything in need for further explanations.