On 6th September 2017, Apple has issued the new testing version of iOS 11 for developers. So those who signed for the testing can Download iOS 11 beta 10 while public testers could expect beta 9 updates. And as it is just a few days to go for the big day, let us jump to all what the new beta 10 carries.

Cydia Download iOS 11

As you already aware, Apple has set days for the big event on 12th. So there, the 11th iteration of iOS will be unwrapped marking the biggest software release for all 64-bit devices. And the event will also host iPhone 8 big launch, iPhone 7S/7S Plus releases, new 4K Apple TV and also the Watch upgrade. The event will take place at Steve Job’s Theater on 12th as the first event at the campus for which the cheers could expect to be doubled.

Download iOS 11 Beta 10- What it brings?

The new beta 10 of iOS 11 comes in the build number 15A5372a. And it has arrived about a week after the beta 9 but not with major changes in the features. So iOS 11 beta 10 only includes fixes and under the hood, improvements matter about the whole stability of the new software. And it indirectly signs that Apple has done all work on the development of iOS 11 to wrap off in the coming tech event 12th.

Click on the link to look on iOS 11 Features in the Apple’s preview

When will iOS 11 GM version come?

It is a known fact that Apple’s latest iteration of Apple mobile operating system is still not in the hands of the public. But from the beta seeding itself, iOS 11 has made a new record as the firmware with the most extensive beta cycle which contains 10 developer betas and 9 for public testing. So in the coming out will with the GM version Apple usually brings in major software with all features of the final iOS 11. And probably that can be expected in the event 12th from which the 64-bit devices will get the chance to Download iOS 11.

Update about iOS 11 GM version Leak:

The latest iOS 11 GM version leak has arrived recently with some of the confirmations to what we expect at the media event on 12th. So that proves Apple Watch with LTE connectivity, an updated version of Airpods with the ability to check battery status without opening and some details about the new iPhone 8. So it will include new shooting modes like 1080p at 240 fps, 4K at 24 fps (film style), and 4K at 60 fps, a screen of 1125×2436 OLED display, True Tone the feature manages the display temperature as according to the ambient lighting around, features for flash, latest portrait shooting modes with Natural Light, Contour Light, Stage Light/Light Mono, and also Studio Light, Facial recognition as “Face ID”, lock button in the side with more features like to start Siri, access Apple Pay or the Wallet, head to the SOS, power switch and more. And also for the interesting fact, we come to know new animated members in iMessage service to make better conversations with all you love.

Download iOS 11

We could expect so much with the rights to Download iOS 11 in coming 12th. So stay with us for more interesting reviews. And if anything needs to more details. connect us through the comments.