Regardless what the reason for the lag in jailbreak updates, we find the usual entry to Cydia with another roundup of tweaks this week too. So with no difference let’s walk to the Latest Jailbreak Tweaks in this Monday having a look to the past few days. Hope this will be helpful to make your iOS 10/9 jailbreak best with all your loved tweaks.

latest jailbreak tweaks

A look at the current Jailbreak State

While the wait continues on the side of jailbreak iOS 10, we come to meet Phoenix Jailbreak and Untethered Jailbreak with the focus to 9th iteration. The Phoenix was targeting 32-bit legacy devices on iOS 9.3.5 with a semi-untethered jailbreak. But the update of UntheredHomeDepot was a different story showing the concept of Untethered jailbreak is still with life although the past time was busy with semi-untethered talks. And while these go as that in focus the 9th iteration, those who wait for anything new in iOS 10 jailbreak are asked wait for further in getting something profitable through Donenfeld’s exploiting at the Conference recently. And as it shows, there is a possibility for a Cydia approach on iOS 10-10.3.1, if anyone is ready to make use of the exploit. As to Min Zheng, 66% of the jailbreak is done and it is only a little part left to make it complete. So let’s see will there be any chance for a new update when we are coming back with another update of Tweaks on the coming Monday. And despite all lag, we invite you to read the update today to make your excitement more in the wait for the update of jailbreak ahead. Here we go for all new.

What are the Latest Jailbreak Tweaks to Love?

  • ScreenshotXI from BigBoss for $1.00

latest jailbreak tweaks

One of the nice features coming in iOS 11 is screenshot feature. But if you cannot wait that long to get it in on your device, the jailbreak has made space with the update of ScreenshotXI. For iOS 10 jailbroken devices can now have that which allows you to easily mark up, share and do more with screenshots you take.

  • Croutons from BigBoss for Free

latest jailbreak tweaks

Breadcrum is a switch from the Status bar which simply takes you to recently-used apps quicker. So having this free tweak on iOS 10 or 9 it replaces a miniaturized version of the each relevant app icon instead of its name. So it will be simpler and nicer.

  • Edgify from BigBoss for $0.99

latest jailbreak tweaks

In the previous update of Cydia Tweaks, we brought you something similar. And this time it is Edgify comes inspired by Galaxy S8 Notification animation. So it will light up edges and bring more features to choose from.

  • ByeThirdParty from BigBoss for Free

jailbreak tweaks

When some like third-party VoIP app data integration to the stock Phone app of the iOS, some hate it wholly. If you are among the latter group, use the app here from which you could wipe away all third-party VoIP application data from the Phone app.

  • NoLSPowerDown from BigBoss for Free

NoLSPowerDownjailbreak tweak

Power down menu can be accessed from anywhere in the iOS. But in case if you need some limitation it for any reason, this is a worth tweak to have a try for no cost at all. Simply it prevents Power down menu access from the lock screen of the iOS. So it needs to be unlocked.

  • SMSNoLinkOpen from BigBoss for Free

jailbreak tweaks

Sometimes the links you directly open from the Message app put you in trouble with various risks. So having this tweak free it will be no longer continues as it prevents you from launching the links through Messages with a tap as previously. Instead, you can manually copy it and paste in Safari if you think it really needs checking out.

  • Vespera from BigBoss for $0.99

Vespera is a great new experience to the Lock screen animation. So check the video for more details.

These are the latest Jailbreak Tweaks to take a try on your jailbroken device. If you think this is helpful, do sharing and reach us with a sincere comment below.