On 21st, Apple has seeded the latest beta 7 of the eleventh iteration making some of the notable changes remain in mind. Proving that Apple is moving on developing the 11th iteration of the mobile operating system, it is time to look on the beta 7 that came in target the developers. So let’s Download iOS 11 Beta 7 and look for all interesting changes that it makes us discussing here on.

Download iOS 11

About a week after the beta 6, we find the update of testing version 7. And proving that distribution of betas progressively adds more interesting discussions on the latest iteration, beta 7 is now visible to all signed to the Apple Developer Program. Although it houses not much in concerned features, we see applying of better storage handling in the stage of testing version 7. So probably, this will be applied same in the final update of 11 as it is only a few weeks to go to all rock and rolling.

Learn more about iOS 11, via https://www.apple.com/ios/ios-11-preview

What’s New to Pick with Download iOS 11 Beta 7?

As it is only a few weeks remain to go for the final firmware update, we could expect the same features of beta 7 in the final release too. Although there isn’t anything major looking for an instance, they are significant to iOS 11 is some way. So take a look at the most highlighting five features of iOS 11 Beta 7.

Smaller Clock view from the Lock Screen

Download iOS 11 Beta 7

In the new beta 7, the clock view from the Lock screen looks minimal. So depending on the device model you will be able to note a difference in the clock of the lock screen in size.

Newly added Volume indicator for EU

Download iOS 11 Beta 7

For the members signed to European Union (EU), Apple has given a useful update through beta 7. So when the time you go over loud, it will put a yellow warning in the Volume indicator.

New Music App icon in the Control Center

Download iOS 11 beta 7

In the new beta 7, you will also find a new Music App icon in the Control Center. At the times you are not engaged to any music playing on iOS, but yet opened the widget, you will notice a change in the Control Center with an added icon.

Now Playing is once again on the Cover Sheet

Download iOS 11 beta 7

In this beta, you will find Now Playing widget back in work same in the times you swipe down the Cover Sheet. Although this was missing in previous betas, we see it back here for a change. So those who liked it can now take it with iOS 11 Download.

Bluetooth on Airplane Mode

Download iOS 11 beta 7

In beta 7, you can stay with Bluetooth on even when AirPlane mode is toggled on. And in reverse the features, that will remain same.

When will iOS 11 be released?

The release of iOS 11 will be same as Apple’s usual release of major firmware so far. And in the middle of September, the eleventh iteration of Apple mobile operating system will be unwrapped officially in target all 64-bit devices. And as we have only a few more weeks to go, the features we pick in beta 7 would probably be all we could see when the firmware is official. If not, there would be one or rarely two betas before it reaches the Gold Master Stage. So wait for all celebrations.

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