On indecisive condition jailbreak sticks, you might have busy this week with no time to search Cydia for all new tweaks. But do not be worried as we are back here on another Monday to look back for all what fresh in the stores to have once jailbroken. Starting from our favorites here are all notable Jailbreak Tweaks released in the week former. So verify yourself why you need checking out.

jailbreak tweaks

A look at the current Jailbreak State

With no different, it is Yalu 10, still the only jailbreak approach to iOS 10 that allows from iOS 10-10.2. Although the release of Phoenix Jailbreak App took us to a different dimension of jailbreak suddenly in the recent times, that was only worth for those who rocking on 9.3.5 but not anyone stays in the 10th iteration. In that way, the wait for a new update in Cydia happens to continue with more hopes around 10.3.2/10.3.3. And let us hope the Conference starting from today will make some contribution to it just as expected.

All New Jailbreak Tweaks!

Seeing no change in the jailbreak for a quite long time, we found a little lag in updates to Cydia. But considering the time previous, this week comes with a quite rich approach to the jailbreaker with interesting apps like Black Status Bar, EdgeAlert, EmojiType, Cydia Remover, and more.

What are your favorites in Cydia Download this week?

Cydia Remover free from pwn20wnd.github.io/repo/eraser

Jailbreak Tweaks

A Cydia Eraser alternative app that comes with best iOS 10 support at a time Cydia Eraser Download in need of updating to the 10th firmware. This works same as Cydia Eraser making you removed the jailbreak, not with any upgrade of the firmware. Though you are uninstalled jailbreak you are back in the same stock firmware with the possibility to get jailbreak back in anytime you are in the need.

EdgeAlert free from julioverne.github.io

Jailbreak Tweaks

This is fun-loving jailbreak tweak for Cydia Download with the same inspiration to Galaxy S8 notifications animation. Simply, this tweak adds a glowing light to the screen edges in the times there is a new notification. So this going to be an amazing change if you are bored with the old Notification alerts. And for free this brings so much to your iOS also with the ability to change the color of the glowing line.

EmojiType for free from Bigboss repository

jailbreak tweaks

If you are a heavy Emojis user, this is a nice tweak to try for free from which you can simply replace specific keyboard keys with the related emojis. So rather than waiting for the predictive text, it now automatically put the relevant Emoji for in the right place.

What’s More?

  • Black Status Bar for free- Can take through Bigboss repo free to make your Status Bar black color themed system-wide
  • Get Me Home for $1.00- Allows you the chance to get an Uber or Lyft to a related location with the use the search on Spotlight. It is available through Bigboss repo of Cydia as a paid tweak
  • StyloPowerDownLite for free- Give iOS an LG-like power down menu
  • AirplaneModeNotif for free- Prevent getting the Airplane mode pop up in applications that need internet connectivity and views it banner-like instead. Especially for iOS 9
  • Maize for free (preview app)- A preview of the upcoming package of Maize that gives iOS 11 Control Center features to jailbroken iOS 10 devices

It is the wrap-up time of the update of Jailbreak Tweaks for today. But we promise for a soon come back with fresh updates to iOS, jailbreak, and Cydia. So stay with us.