Thanks to Phoenix Jailbreak App legacy devices running iOS 9.3.5 got jailbreak access. As a great comeback to Cydia Download with another iOS 9 update, this tool finds in a smooth steer giving the best support for all allowed devices. And with the update to version 3, it is more stable and trouble free making the user completely satisfied of what taken. So just as we brought you how Phoenix works, this is deeper look to it in consider the update of version 3.

Phoenix Jailbreak app

To learn the complete tutorial of Phoenix Jailbreak on your device, follow our post on Cydia Download iOS 9.3.5

About Phoenix Jailbreak

The release of the Phoenix was unexpected although there were some rumors on getting a 32-bit supported jailbreak some day into the future. And at the same time, I see this update popular for two main reasons while more are surrounded it making the similar contribution to steer out the update stronger into the public.

The first thing I note of this jailbreak is its unexpected fall, at a time we are at somewhere around Cydia iOS 10.3.2, 10.3.3 and also iOS 11. So just like the name implies this is coming back to jailbreak at a time we are thinking all done for iOS 9. And the other reason is being targeted of the final firmware of the 9th iteration where no update found above to patch the exploit. So those who are in the distant of the opportunity are with a big hit to Cydia back from a stable approach through Phoenix. So there is no wonder why more heads are turned to the jailbreak update, even it came with a little delay from the time expected.

Changes log of Phoenix Jailbreak App

The version 3 is the latest update to Phoenix app that coming with an improved work frame. So check out the complete changes log here to clearly see the tool development from the initial release to version 3.

Version 1 – Updated on 7th August 2017

  • The first tool version
  • Comes with some bugs in the processing frame

Version 2 – Updated on 7th August 2017

  • Updated hours later from the first release
  • Fix gsc.*/sed bug
  • Taken off iosbinpack+dropbear
  • Set a fix upon starting Launch Daemons

Version 3 – Updated on 8th August 2017

  • Bug resolved on custom off-sets feature
  • Work stability confirmed
  • Better work interface introduced

 Video Guide


How to Switch from version 1 to Upper?

  • Confirm that you are jailbroken and have entry to Cydia iOS 9.3.5
  • Go to Cydia and install “MTerminal” app on the device
  • Launch MTerminal and enter the following command correctly in the required field

“rm /usr/bin/sed && / usr/libexec/cydia/”

  • Then remove Phoenix previous jailbreak app from the device
  • Now reboot to make the device back to non-jailbreak state
  • Now jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 with the same tutorial in our previous post but taking the support of version 3 IPA Download

It is all to say about Phoenix Jailbreak app with the update 3. And if developers going to continue upgrading the tool above 3, we will let you know all in detail through Cydia News. So subscribe us for reliable updates.