Just like iOS 11 features win all love of the user, it is concerned with the side of jailbreak and Cydia. Starting from the KeenLab demonstrations some weeks back, we come to know Jailbreak iOS 11 is possible somewhere in betas with hope for something working in the future. So if you believe the chance for a great comeback of Pangu 11 Jailbreak, this is the time to seek for all facts around it.

Pangu 11 jailbreak

When we find Yalu still at beta, the memories run back to the times of Pangu iOS 9.3.3 as the latest and complete jailbreak to iOS. So it is almost a year for Pangu seeing with a complete jailbreak giving entry to Cydia. And there, the need for a new refreshing chapter feels high. However still, no any word of Pangu jailbreak has revealed. So it is now time for the wait until anything makes jailbreak fine to talk. But when?

iOS Updates

Although jailbreaking stick for the same halt for a considerable time, Apple keeps upgrading the operating system as usual. And by now, you can Install iOS 10.3.3 as the latest which recently came into focus the fixes and slight improvements. And at the same time, we see the excursion of iOS 11 through betas. The latest update is developer beta 4 and the public beta 3 which is home to advancements on the App switcher, new icons to stock iOS apps, new sections to Settings, Siri in voice upgrades and so much interesting. And they can be taken over the device having the correct configuration profileĀ installed through the official beta program by Apple.

To sign up for the program, visit beta.apple.com here

Pangu 11 Jailbreak- Updates so far

Pangu 11 jailbreak

Team Pangu is one of the biggest desires of jailbreak fans. In fact, they are responsible for many of the successful Cydia sessions introducing different flows of jailbreak with respect to different time. For the latest, we get Pangu 9.3.3 into the mind that came introducing a new semi-untethered jailbreak with the involvement of Cydia impactor download.

Just like with every iteration, we come to know the development of some Pangu jailbreak plans with iOS 10.3.1/10.3. But with no word of any release confirmations, that was too made only for the private rights. So in that concern, we are yet to know what Pangu is in planning for the days ahead. As to some, there could be a release somewhere at the end of the 10th iteration while some think the wait for a comeback would be extended up until the 11th iteration. But we from Cydia News are with both the incidents in the same view as the chance is equally probable at any point. If Pangu is agreeing with what KeenLab came in the recent, we would be able to see Pangu in 10.3.2 as well as through Pangu 11 with time. So we invite you staying with us for all excitement together in the future.

When will Jailbreak iOS 11 get the chance?

We are still indecisive about the Jailbreak iOS 11 possibilities just seeing the firmware under testing. But with notice of all facts, what is revealed by KeenLab is powerful in building the hope of jailbreak into the future. In fact, when Apple plays strongly on every corner of the latest iteration 11, it is wonderful to know the existing exploits. So it is time to keep watching for the updates. Although we have no chance for any immediate tool updates in the side of iOS 11, what getting through time is effective in the way to decide the progress of any jailbreak. So let us give time for IOS 11 to be public. But do not forget the time in between as that would too make the more powerful strike at jailbreak and Cydia.

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