Apple on 24th released the developer beta 4 of the latest 11th iteration marking another successful testing era. And just as expected, we now see the latest beta open for public testing with same features of the developer beta 4 packed in. So anyone can now Download iOS 11 through latest betas having proper configuration installed either in the developer or public testing side. And this written highlighting all importance with the current beta stage of iOS 11 with what it adds new to the operating system.

iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks

Confirming Apple is still sticking to the same beta release pattern, you are now with developer beta 4 and public beta 3 of latest iOS 11. So anyone itching to hands on the upcoming iteration of iOS 11 can now take a look at the latest betas to know what it packs new to the operating system. But as always you should know all facts about Install iOS 11 through a beta especially in concerned a major firmware like iOS 11 now. In fact, it is high with risk and anyway not recommending on your daily driver. And make sure you are taking a complete backup of the device to keep your data safe.

How to Download iOS 11 through latest Public Beta?

As you already know, you need signing to the program heading And then install the correct configuration profile checking the compatibility of the device. Once done, you will get iOS 11 beta 3 Download over the air going through Settings > General and Software Update. And you should remember here, taking a beta of iOS 11 will definitely make crashes and bugs, for which you need making a backup at the first state. For developers signed with Apple beta testing can reach the update over the air if not through the developers’ center.

What’s New with Developer Beta 4 and Public Beta 3?

Download iOS 11

As to the Apple’s usual way, every beta stage adds something new to talk about iOS 11. So with developer beta 4 and public beta 3, you will find interesting changes to Notifications, upgrades to Siri, improvements to the App Switcher, tweaks to icons and more with Settings. For all in details, take a look until the end.

Notifications from the Lock Screen

  • Swipe to left now lets you clear or view the Notifications from Lock screen notifications
  • Full swipe to left is to clear the notification easily
  • Swipe to right is simply to launch Notifications
  • Touch ID interface will come if you tap on each Notification

Changes to App icons

  • Reminders app, Notes, and Contacts now with new app icons
  • Contacts app from the Settings now in a different view
  • Maps design from the iPad now with minor changes
  • “Broadcasting” now coming as “Start Recording” from the Control Center to screen recording
  • Status bar with a new cleaner icon for the Cellular data
  • Spotlight getting new icon help to App Store, the Web, and also Maps search
  • Timer icon has changed in the view, from the Control Center access
  • Accounts and Passwords icon from Settings coming in a vertical view instead of the horizontal view
  • Better Photo drawer for the Message app
  • Message apps scrolling through photos visible through gray color bar
  • Wi-Fi bars are now thicker from the Status bar
  • New splash screen to Notes and iOS Photos
  • Status bar with a new cleaner icon for the Cellular data

App Switcher with commendable upgrades

  • App switcher not opening if recent apps not coming to the view
  • Force-quit all apps will now automatically closes the App switcher

Animations are now changed!

  • Introducing faster animation support for Plus iPhone models
  • New animation support for Low Power Mode toggle in the Control Center
  • Screen Recording in the Control Center got 3-seconds countdown animation
  • Mute animation of the iPad from the Control Center getting a new animation

Download iOS 11

What’s More, you will meet with iOS 11 Install through latest Betas?

  • New capacity section placed in the Settings which will show you the complete storage space
  • Camera app on iPad with a setting upgrade
  • Files app now removed support for the location
  • Message sync settings for iCloud preference
  • App Store got new tab refresh
  • Siri getting a separate place in Settings
  • Voice upgrade to Siri both male and female
  • Language support for Siri
  • New Arabic Keyboard update
  • Incompatible apps for iOS 11 (32-bit apps) showed in gray
  • New section for Airdrop settings in Settings > General
  • In the Home screen, you can easily move app icons

Like to Download iOS 11 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then make it happen with the latest betas. If you like, make a comment about how you see all changes at this stage of testing.