More than two weeks from the second developer beta, Apple has now seeded the third of latest iOS 11. For now, it is only for the developers signed for Apple beta testing of which we could expect a public testing version very soon. At a glance, this too makes us more talked as we can find exciting changes in the latest beta 3 in focus the features as well as fixes. So here is all about Install iOS 11 through the new beta 3 and all its concern to changes.

Install iOS 11

From the very beginning of iOS 11 beta testing, we found interesting news updates all over. Not only with concern to features but also in iOS 11 Jailbreak with what security researcher team KeenLab recently demoed. Although, that was not in the intention of any public tool releases, that powerfully talked Cydia download possibilities for iOS 10 in somewhere around its initial betas. So this would be important to prevent jailbreak iOS 11 getting less interest at any chance although Apple plays so strong in upgrading the features. If we take a look at the beta 3 it is clearer as this too makes additions and fixes to the operating system in concern the best user-experience at the final launch. So let us now see how far Apple is successful here.

Install iOS 11 Beta 3- All New Features

Just as assumed, the latest beta 3 has brought something new to talk on the side of iOS 11. And it looks stable than its previous. If we move them separately as additions and fixes, this is the first part of it for a fine look at the update.

  • Advanced syncing system in concern Safari’s Bookmarks and Reading List
  • Content blockers in beta 3
  • Simplifications to the Notification Center
  • iMessages will be uploaded to iCloud and also notifying how many are still need to be spaced
  • Server OS X  and Dropbox  added to the new Files app as new Locations on iPad and iPhone
  • “Start Broadcasting” option added for screen recording to keep working like the standard screen recording that will save the  video file to the Camera Roll

Install iOS 11

  • TV Providers section of the Settings app in the new beta 3 has Cox, Comcast, AT&T U-verse, Time Warner Cable, Verizon Fios and more listed
  • New “SFAuthenticationSession” placement in beta 3 for Apple’s new API authentication (web service)
  • Siri get in the support for directions when Do Not Disturb while Driving is accessed
  • Siri getting more power with text translation support for multiple languages, support for both male in Female Voice also with upgrade and more as that
  • Safari View Controller updated
  • Bluetooth and the WiFi toggles are changed for favorable respond

What are Notable in Fixes?

More than adding features, beta 3 has put attention on fixes. Among plenty of fixes, under the hood changes, here are some what I think worth knowing about the new beta.

  • Proper corrections made on storage size and more data displaying
  • Addressed WiFi /Bluetooth Toggle not working properly (from the Control Center)
  • Phone app crashing when deleting voicemail messages or get connected to the various carrier services is sorted
  • WatchOS email alerts got proper configurations
  • Calendar buttons for Day, Week, Month and Year are now triggered on the single tap
  • App crashing in the Settings addressed when you deleting the Podcasts app or deleting/adding the keyboards support
  • Siri with fixes to the recognition for Smart Home setup
  • Audio drop in Skype calling is fixed properly
  • For applications coming with iOS 11 now get Offload feature
  • Slight fixes to the Photos app with the proper support for sharing Live Photos through AirDrop
  • Addresses the trouble with third party Keyboards not allowed in launching in some instances
  • Files app get the service to preview iWork document with “QuickLook” feature
  • Cellular data connectivity issues after restarting the device is fixed
  • Amazon video Playback controls are fixes with so much more

Video Review to know what is new with iOS 11 beta 3

iOS 11 Download- Getting Closer to the Big Day

Apple keeps upgrading the operating system with the regular pattern of the beta testing. So we could expect a longer way to go as this is just its third step. And with time up in the future, there will be so much interesting changes about the major software update which expected to be in public view together with iPhone 8 official release. So until September, let’s walk through all beta updates to get an idea about how Apple going to bring the new era of iOS 11 to the public. But make sure not to install iOS 11 through beta on your daily driver which could bring you to a number of troubles in the processing.