The release of iPhone 8, the game changer is only a few months away. Celebrating the 10th proud years of the iPhone, the new member is expected to bring a lot of surprises. And with various stories all around, we see rumors too getting conflict not exactly knowing what the new gigantic member will deliver. With the news so far, a radical design change, improved sensors, enhancements with dust/water resistant and much more are expected with the new release also with iPhone 7S/7S Plus promises. So here we write you about the coming iPhone releases especially giving concern to the 8th model.

iPhone 8

Apple started working on the very first iPhone in 2007 marking a new landscape in the smartphone world. And starting from there, it is now closer to the 10th proud year that will deliver a massive upgrade to all the lineup as iPhone 8. Just like iPhone 7 brought interesting changes, this successor will be home to even more. And in the design and processor, we could expect a huge upgrade with glass body and edge-to-edge OLED display. And further, Home button will get replaced by a new facial recognition system instead of the known Touch ID so far. But it does not stop there. In fact, the development goes on with many interesting changes which still only at the point of rumors in need of confirmations. However, let us get into the facts one by one as below.

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Like to know all News on Latest iPhone 8?

Apple’s iPhone 8 will be a big surprise to all, that will bring many interesting features. As to the recent news updates, Touch ID for iPhone will be gone here on with replacement of a facial recognition system instead. And this time, Apple has entered A11 Chipset with Latest iPhone with the built in the highly efficient 10nm developing process. Also with KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo, it will be stick to the flat screen display with no word about curves. As we stated, we come to know many rumors on this gigantic iPhone release in regarding different aspects.

As we stated, we come to know many rumors on this gigantic iPhone release in regarding different aspects. And there was some telling about a delay on its official release, expecting Apple to work on its ordinary release cycle of major firmware. But with time, this has proven impossible as the retail launch is roughly set for October when official announcement expected in September.

How will the new iPhone Look like?

In the design, we could expect several changes. And as Apple is testing different prototypes, we could not say which is the exact fitting until the release. As to most, it will come with an edge-to-edge display. But as different reports suggest differently about its size and thickness, we could not give the exact measures here. However, without knowledge, iPhone 8 will look slightly bigger than iPhone 7 but less than iPhone 7S to come. The video below was picked in the ride to the closest dummy model of iPhone 8, from which I hope to see features in the final product launch. Take a look for an idea.

The change of the Camera and wireless charging are some of the highly expected changes with the new flagship device. In fact, it is a vertical dual-lens rear camera getting the LED flash in the middle rather than aside. And the remaining large circular area could be for wireless charging. For more, there seems no space for Touch ID sensor. That means, it going to introduce face recognition here for a great new experience from the smart handset.

More points in brief about the design

  • Glass technology will be back instead of the aluminum body
  • Suggests 3 different versions of the iPhone as “premium” OLED model in 5.8-inch size and two standard models in LCD devices, including the size as 4.7 and 5.5 inches
  • May feature improved water resistance with an IP68 rating with the capability withstand for up to 30 minutes under 1.5m of water
  • Guaranteed dust protection in an improved frame
  • Place Facial Recognition eliminating the Touch ID on iPhone 8 while Touch ID will continue with iPhone 7S and 7S Plus

iPhone 8

  • A flat 2.5 D display to iPhone 8 latest
  • Highly flexible OLED display with supportive contrast ratio, realistic colors, enhanced angles in view, power efficiency to the highest use of battery life, better response/refresh rates and more
  • Promises Apple’s A11 chipset for extream better performance
  • Wireless charging technology could have implemented successfully

Some Other iPhone 8 Features in Brief

  • RAM- Rumored to be included 3 GB of RAM
  • Storage- Rumored to include Samsung’s NAND flash memory and with improved storage to iPhone 7 256 GB
  • Taptic Engine- Improved Taptic engine for better vibrations working on a high-performance motor
  • Speakers- Believes high stereo effect with consistent output power
  • 3D Touch- Expect better 3D Touch Module in concern heat reduction as well
  • Battery- May include bigger battery with extended life support
  • Siri- May offer improved Siri Support

iPhone 8 Release

There are some rumors about a delay could take place in the latest iPhone launch. But above all, we expect the release of iPhone 8 in September just as Apple happened to follow for years. But to go on sale, it will probably take October or even far. And with that, iPhone 7S and its Plus model too expected to be launched as scheduled on which the same month iOS 11 release too expected.

How will it go Pricing?

There is no one word about the iPhone 8 pricing as we are still in need of Apple’s confirmations. As predicted, prices go upwards from $1,000 as the most expensive handset ever. And with the storage differences, the price could come varied.

iPhone 8

Things come on the side of iPhone 8 makes us excitingly wait for the flagship handset. Although we are getting conflicted even with the rumors all around, things will come to confirmations soon. So let’s wait for more interesting facts about the gigantic iPhone release. And if you find anything more, put sincere comments for us about what do you know about the latest iPhone 8.