While working with downloaded Cydia app, you may probably face the issue we call Cydia mismatch error. Unless you are lucky to say so, as it became a common issue which stuck you with the tried installation you get from Cydia tweaks. This can occur at every time you try to set up a tweak. This will appear on your screen with a loading alert as “Size Mismatch”.

Cydia Size mismatch error


The cause you faced Cydia mismatch error

The reason for the error

In this case, particularly there are two reasons for what you face with your Cydia download. When you leave Cydia while refresh or the repository you choose are being accompanying. And when you try to refresh your sources at the same time of packages updating or maybe an issue related with your network connectivity.

Is not there any automatically fix for that?

With the usual manner, Cydia takes 24 hours from the time you get trouble to refresh and fix your debased cache occurred with the size mismatch error. Thus until that, your Cydia app will continue the hosting cache.

What does the usual manual fix?

With its manual fix, all you have to do is clear away the troubled repository from your enrolled Cydia sources list. And when you do this, also you have to discard all you have with your Cydia install related of the removed source. So the cache will automatically dispel from your app and it will get clean. It will completely solve your error.

The proper way of removing collected cache

Size mismatch error

As there are default and third-party repositories with your jailbreak tweaks stock, you have to advertency with this quick fix. If you get trouble with a default one, the path you have to follow is as below. It is because this cannot move the way of using a common repository you installed.

  1. Launch Cydia > Sources tab

Size mismatch error


  1. Click the Edit button (Placed in Navigation bar) and open its editing mode
  2. And then click red button in left side of accordant Cydia source

Size mismatch


  1. So the Delete button will appear from left side to click on it
  2. Click the button “Done” and go back to the Cydia Home page
  3. Go to the “More Package Sources” button of the list and tap on it
  4. With the Default Sources category, you can reselect the removed source with previous steps and OK it
  5. Tap the below button as “Return to Cydia”

Size mismatch error


When you come to a third party authority remove, it can turn with the above fourth step to continue these.

  • Hit the Add button from the navigation bar
  • With the popup message, enter the URL you need to get back and click Add Source > Return to Cydia

That’s how you can clearly solve the trouble you faced with. Whenever it is, choose the manual mechanism as it will make you easier with your Cydia app collection.