Since the release date iOS 9.3 has been discussed under jailbreak and Cydia install, as it has taken a long period to come with a positive respond to those who wait for its jailbreak rights. In feature wise iOS 9.3 is a big update with handful of features, so Cydia install on iOS 9.3 was a most expected way in for most users. Even though the time gap between tool releases are longer than usual, we can still have hopes on a compatible iOS 9.3 jailbreak tool release, so we thought of make you aware of iOS 9.3 Cydia apps and tweaks that you can grab on your jailbroken iDevice to get an advanced iOS experience.


Top Cydia apps and tweaks on iOS 9.3

If you get jailbreak, the next thing is Cydia install and what to get from Cydia to make your iOS experience better. At a time iOS 9.3 jailbreak is expected, this piece of writing would be helpful for you to know what cool Cydia apps and tweaks are ready to get in 2016. So here are some of the top changes you can try in your jailbroken iDevice in 2016.


customize 3D Touch Quick Action menus on iOS 9 iPhone

Apple’s 3D Touch is really a smart feature in latest iDevices, Brevis is a Cydia tweak that allows users to make several modifications of the 3D Touch shortcuts giving a good control over the features.  You can try optimization settings in addition to options with font size, icon size and more. So grab this tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for about one dollar and try more 3D Touch enhancements on your jailbroken iDevice.



This is one of the very useful Cydia Tweaks you can have, which offers useful features to make your day to day life easier. It allows you to set your own automations instead of struggling manually.  You can get it free from Bigboss Cydia repository and to get a bunch of advantages.

App Drawer


If you want to access all installed apps at a single place, App drawer is the best Cydia tweak to arrange things as you want. It helps you to arrange all your installed application at a single place to access them quickly without searching here and there in your iDevice. Or else you can go to App Drawer application all the required apps which you can find for about $1.99 in Cydia BigBoss repository.

Prenesi 3

download videos from facebook on iPhone

This is one of the latest Cydia tweaks you can get in your jailbroken iOS to enhance your Facebook experience. If you are a regular Facebook user in your jailbroken iDevice, this application is a must have which gives saving videos to the camera roll directly from news feed, enable internal employee settings, disable VOIP, confirmation options in liking and unliking and more. This latest tweak is free to get from Cydia’s Bigboss repository.



Here after you do need to worry on schedule message feature which is lacking on Apple’s stock message settings, as Kairos Cydia tweak is now available only for $0.99 in BigBoss Cydia repository. This tweak allows you to schedule the text or iMessage you want to send with easy configurations. So get ready to get Kairos on your jailbroken iOS 9.3 very soon.



One of the key reasons for jailbreak is limitless customization. SweetDisplay is a nice jailbreak tweak you can try to change the animations of launching and closing an app on your iDevice. If you are bored with the same way of getting started with a certain app, this tweak allows you advanced customization with inspiring animations with more than 15 different styles. This SweetDisplay tweak is available on BigBoss Cydia repository for $1.99.



Audicy is a great Cydia tweak to import media to your iDevice’s stock media apps without iTunes support including your favorite music, ringingtones, podcasts and more. This is a very supportive media importing tweak which you can grab fromCydia’s Bigboss Repository for $2.99.

These are only few we are mostly attracted, but the store is full of new Cydia tweaks and apps you can try on your latest iOS 9.3. So keep hopes on soon jailbreak release to grab best Cydia tweaks on your jailbroken iDevice to get a massive iOS experience. Cydia tweaks are the best way to make all improvements in your jailbroken iDevice, if you are iOS 9.3 user looking for Cydia install on iOS 9.3, keep the wait only for few more days and get your most loved Cydia tweaks in the collection to start playing with your iOS device with what you loved. So keep hopes on iOS 9.3 jailbreak, and get ready with best Cydia tweaks.