iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 has now released to the developers and public testers making those who believed iOS 9.3.2 to be the final version before iOS 10 false. With the reports up to now this iOS release is largely expected to announce probably within a few days as it supposed to carry fixes and improvements to iOS 9.3.2. Even though the release note does not say much, iOS 9.3.3 is largely believed to come answering the problem with iPad Pro 9.7 inch model on iOS 9.3.2. So take part of Apple beta testing program and find what you can get with iOS 9.3.3 beta download.


iOS 9.3.3 Beta 1 Download

If you are a member of Apple beta testing program you can receive this beta release over the air to update, but you must have installed to proper iOS certificate on your iOS device to receive the beta update. The beta 1 of iOS 9.3.3 is available for both developers and public testers by now.


Go to Settings > General > Software Update

Taking part in the beta testing is good for those who are interested on upcoming iOS releases, in fact it allows the user to participate in the developing of next iOS version by giving feedback. But these beta versions are not well finished updates like iOS releases; in fact they are just test trials possible with crashes. So it is important to know what beta versions are stand for, if you are in view being a member of Apple beta testing program. You can sign up through official beta testing website of Apple as it will give right to both iOS and OS X betas immediately as they arrived.

What will iOS 9.3.3 Feature?

iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 was announced about a week after iOS 9.3.2 release which was mainly implemented fixes. But throughout the whole week we heard some fixes users are still in need of getting after iOS 9.3.2 install, mainly 9.7 inch iPad Pro brick issue with iOS 9.3.2 install. That could be the main reason why Apple has turned to one more iOS 9 update at a moment we are very close to iOS 10. In that way iOS 9.3.3 upcoming release will surely come addressing what you felt buggy with iOS 9.3.2.


This iOS 9.3.3 beta comes with some fixes and minor scale improvements over iOS 9.3.2, so we can expect its final release to be more fixes implemented to make the iOS experience more stable and trouble free.

If you were troubled with iPad Pro brick with iOS 9.3.2 install, this upcoming iOS release will surely make you free of that bug. In fact you can be absolutely happy with Apple’s quick view on this matter even though there are only few complaints have reported. Currently this iOS 9.3.3 beta is not available for iPad Pro 9.7 inch models, which could mean developers, are still testing this iOS 9.3.3 on other devices to know how it applies on them. So we can expect for soon iOS release once again with more fixes and improvements probably before WWDC event in few weeks ahead. Therefore keep hopes on next iOS release if you are in need of more fixes to your current iOS version.