As Cydia download users are increasing day by day, jailbreak too must change its performances to make users easier than previous. One of those new trends of jailbreaking, Find my JB is a popular one, which users incentive to searching for.

But, what you must realize is, this is not another jailbreak tool such as Pangu or Taig. This can be used to confirm your device’s current Cydia download ability. Therefore, this is not a tool that directly support you for jailbreaking, it is a side supporter for users to verify their current status to never misguide with wrong details.

Find My JB

 Important facts of using the tool

Find my JB download tool is for online use. It is totally free of charge to search and get the service withing few seconds without any complicated. And the best thing is after you confirm your jailbreak ability, it will also suggest you the appropriate tool as well.

And the most important thing about this tool is, you don’t have any download link of the tool from any site. To get the service, what you have simply do is search for their official site through your device browser. When you just take the QR code of the download section, it will automatically process for your device. Altogether, features you will receive with the tool can list as below.

Features of the tool to make you easier

Outstanding features

  • You only need few seconds for the entire simple installation of the tool using its QR code
  • You can use the free download for future users as well
  • The tool stands as a connectivity of the jailbreak community
  • It supports you to jailbreak the device in a complete proper way without any mistake

Common features

  • You can find out all jailbreak tools at once with a single download
  • A simplified interface
  • find your jailbreak using a single click
  • Compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod without any limitation
  • Able to support iOS 6.0 to recent iOS 9.3.1
  • Automatically update the tool
  • A global connectivity with jailbreakers
  • Jailbreak tutorials
  • Free Cydia apps

Video trial of the tool

Download tutorial of Find My JB

  • Visit Find my JB install official site from here
  • Click the above button “Get app”
  • Search for the download on your device
  • Open the tool, verify and enter the passcode
  • Click the button “Install”
  • When you need to look for your jailbreak status, go to your app section and click to open and show what you need
  • And then search for the recommended tool for jailbreaking