Will Yalu iOS 11 hit the Public?

Since the update of Yalu for iOS 10-10.2, we came meeting no public jailbreak update up to now. Although there were various demonstrations for various firmware iOS 11, there is none yet in view as a public jailbreak solution. So will Yalu iOS 11 hit the public as the next jailbreak or will Todesco give the chance for another? Let us go for all the updates around jailbreak and Cydia iOS 11.

Yalu iOS 11

Seeing no jailbreak for a long time has made everyone a part of the distracting wait. But with various demonstrations to jailbreak and Cydia, it is too early to give up hopes on Jailbreak iOS 11. But what will be the road ahead? Giving more value to what Todesco made known about WebKit Exploit, we recently came across Liang Cheng’s jailbreak demo on latest iPhone X running iOS 11.1.1, current latest signing.

About Jailbreak iOS 11 So Far

Following a long testing cycle iOS 11 was released to the public in past September. And within all these months, we have met various jailbreak discussions including Todesco’s WebKit Exploit. All above, we now have a new demonstration of iPhone X Jailbreak which running iOS 11.1.1.

The latest demo is again by the KeenLab who holds thanks to the two demos previously came to view at the time of MOSEC. By this time, Liang Cheng from KeenLab wins more attention of all making Cydia possibilities proven on Apple’s latest flagship iPhone X that running on Apple’s latest firmware version. So this time, jailbreak developer, the security researcher has won over Apple’s latest security measures. But it is yet unknown whether this is in the purpose of a public release or just in showing the possibilities for testing purpose. And for the facts so far in view, it looks like just for the testing purpose as he has only shown code injection rather than any reveal about how it happens and going up to Cydia Install.

Will Todesco bring Yalu iOS 11?

If you remember the Todesco name we came to hear in the times of iOS 11, you will definitely get to know about the WebKit Exploit he came revealing to the public. Although he has not shown any progress to it in the public, we believe him not to give up the exploit so easily. In that way, it is nice to see Todesco back in the jailbreak scene although he has already announced his departure. So this could probably be something like a clue to others while he is keeping his word as said to stand outside the frame of tool developing.

latest Cydia tweaks

In one way, we could expect Todesco to be back in the view with a new Yalu iOS 11 jailbreak. But in the other way, that would not be to the public if Todesco just in a place of showing the possibilities rather than in the need of a tool progress. So here we can see two sides in the jailbreak iOS 11 story in the prospect of Yalu jailbreak. If you need to meet an end, stay signed as always to our site.


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