Will Pangu be back with Pangu iOS 11 Jailbreak?

The team Pangu is one of the reputed names in the jailbreak community. But seeing not for a long time with an update has now made some distract in the user’s mind beginning a question about is jailbreak dead. Then, don’t you think there is still a chance for Pangu iOS 11 Jailbreak? So let us see what is new all about the jailbreak.

Pangu iOS 11 Jailbreak

Since the release of Yalu for iOS 10-iOS 10.2, we find no update to jailbreak and Cydia Download yet. Although there were certain situations various jailbreak developers came showing some shine to new jailbreak possibilities, none of them have yet developed into a public jailbreak release. So everything has paused with a question about future. And at a time we are made to think jailbreak is somewhat dead, Liang Cheng has made the fresh air in with a demonstration to Jailbreak iOS 11.1.1 on latest iPhone X.

What is new at the POC2017 Stage- About iPhone X Jailbreak

As to the recent demonstration at the POC 2017 stage, developer Liang Cheng has woke up the hopes to iOS 11 Jailbreak. And this becomes more significant from the ones previous live demonstrations by KeenLab when iOS 11 at beta and by Luca Todesco about WebKit exploit as this is right on the firmware now signs latest and in Apple’s most recent Flagship iPhone edition. So there is a lot to cheer about how hackers have challenged the Apple’s latest security standards. But we are yet unknown whether this is in the purpose of a new tool update or just as all previous in showing it is possible.

At the event POC 2017, developer Liang Cheng has just shown the code injection and the video rather than anything further. So it still has no name or anything about how it works. But we guess it is same as Pangu’s iOS 9.3.3 which started a new semi-untethered jailbreak way to the user made of both tethered and untethered features. If so, Cheng’s latest jailbreak might too run with Cydia impactor Download and the IPA.

Any Updates to Pangu iOS 11 Jailbreak?

Download iOS 11.1

Pangu has been silent for a considerable time by now. In fact, making the most recent jailbreak update Pangu 9.3.3, they have been silently in a wait just seeing different other developers come in the chapters demonstrating possibilities in various ways. But sadly, none of them have yet surfed through a working public method so as Pangu. So is that mean Pangu jailbreak is dead?

In concern all the updates so far, we find no encouraging fact to Pangu iOS 11 Jailbreak yet. But as silence not always to mean defeat, it is still too early to give up hopes on Pangu iOS 11.  In fact, it is the usual way of the jailbreak community where everything under experimenting comes no way out from the boundaries. So in that way, there is still some chance for another Pangu jailbreak in near future. But no one can say it will be Pangu iOS 11 jailbreak just as everyone expected to happen. So let us wait and see how will the things happen with time ahead.



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