Another Update to LiberiOS Jailbreak iOS 11!

The recently released LiberiOS Jailbreak iOS 11 was more attention-winning as the first ever public jailbreak for iOS 11 firmware. And thanks to Jonathan Levin, we now have got another update to it making the process of LiberiOS more stable. The updated jailbreak version bundles a number of improvements and also fixes. But no Cydia Download yet. So it is now time to review all of the updated jailbreak for iOS 11-11.1.2 through LiberiOS.

jailbreak ios 11

The latest release of LiberiOS jailbreak continues the support for iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak. And it is exclusively for 64-bit devices including the 2017 flagship iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. And thanks to the new offsets, the jailbreak guarantees the highest compatibility as the first iOS 11 Jailbreak to the public. With the newest improvements, the user can meet a new user interface which will be more pleasing to catch the user. And just as you and all might have expected, the new version LiberiOS takes stability improvements in order to make the overall experience of jailbreak pleasant and with less chance of possible failures. In fact, the release has made a comeback relatively quicker than expected addressing all of the fixes and lacks in the first release. So with time there can be more making your time of jailbreak worth.

Will LiberiOS Jailbreak iOS 11 Install Cydia?

It is clear that the second version of the latest jailbreak includes much essential improvements and fixes in making your jailbreak experience positive. But there is still one thing remained unchanged as Saurik has not yet confirmed the release of Cydia Download iOS 11.

As always, the pride and joy of successful jailbreaking are with the privileges of Cydia Download. But at this stage of LiberiOS development, we find no Cydia Installer and even Cydia substrate support from which one can get with all of the Cydia apps and tweaks for all the advancements after jailbreak. However, we can expect this to be immediately fixed as Jay Freeman or whom you have known as Saurik has already made the word as working for Cydia iOS 11 updates. But the fact we do not know is when will all these going to be in public attention for all consumption at the end of successful jailbreak. Until then, you can now go with LiberiOS 11-11.1.2 successfully as Cydia and substrate can be easily installable once they are ready. So we recommend the updated LiberiOS Download following the official web page. Make sure you are getting the downloads from official page as there could be malware from various other sites that could harm the system entirely.

Jailbreak iOS 11

If you have already jailbroken with the previous LiberiOS Jailbreak iOS 11, you can simply delete the app from Home screen and sideload the latest update through Cydia impactor. Updating to the new version will be more helpful as it is confirmed stable and fixing several issues in the previous version. So enjoy jailbreaking iOS 11 and will soon be enjoying Cydia too.

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