iPhone X Jailbreak Demoed Successfully!

iOS hacker Laing Cheng has recently demoed the first-ever iPhone X Jailbreak to the public at the POC2017 event held in Seoul, South Korea. This shows jailbreak on the Apple’s latest flagship iPhone 10th-year celebratory edition running the latest iOS 11.1.1 operating system version. So this brings music to ears who were eagerly in the wait for a new jailbreak and Cydia update.

iPhone X jailbreak

If you are waiting for a new update in Jailbreak iOS 11, this is great news for you where developer Liang Cheng has demoed a working jailbreak for the Apple’s latest signing. So in case if you were worried seeing no jailbreak since a long distracting era, this brings you back to the scene with much hope.

About iPhone X Jailbreak

This isn’t the first demonstration Liang Cheng has ever exposed to the public. If you remember we had met him with same iOS 11 in the MOSEC security conference when it is at beta 2. So this looks winning more of us in prospect to a new Cydia iOS 11. But for sure, this is just to prove the possibility for the moment which will not meet soon in a public release.

This is probably how Cheng’s silence results. But it does not come in a particular name yet as more about the jailbreak is still unheard. In that way, this is true to show possibility still remain for jailbreak and Cydia even in Apple’s latest iPhone X running the now signing iOS 11.1.1. So it seems Apple has again failed in patching up the possibilities hackers could make a way to jailbreak even in the state of latest signing. However, this brings much inspiration to all who were part of the waiting game this far. And it is really exciting to say, a new jailbreak iPhone X is probably on the way.

Any Hopes about a new Jailbreak iOS 11 release?

This is not the first time we found iOS 11 latest firmware with jailbreak possibilities. But this is so special as Liang Cheng here talks about the latest iPhone edition running the latest operating system version for the moment. So in that way, this adds more hopes to the future of jailbreaking. And probably, there would be a new update sooner than expected. But we cannot promise to add support up to latest iPhone X and 11.1.1 although Cheng here reveals. So it is all about waiting further.

iPhone 8

Liang Cheng revealed a video at the conference showing the tool and code injection. But yet, it has no name and information about how it runs. However, we believe it to be semi-untethered just like Pangu 9.3.3 started and updated for several firmware versions up to now. If so, it will too request you to Download Cydia impactor iOS 11 and the IPA matches the most.

As things are not yet confirmed to a full jailbreak story, this is all that we can say about iPhone X Jailbreak at the moment. So stay tuned and do not leave us without putting your ideas about getting a new jailbreak for Apple’s latest.

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