Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 10- Roundup

Although Apple keeps upgrading the firmware, we find same interest to jailbreak and Cydia with every new firmware in. So we find amazing releases to Cydia in every week. But since Yalu 10.2 is the latest jailbreak one can reach from about 7/8 months back, we still can only look for iOS 10-compatible tweaks. So we here write you with a new post of Cydia Tweaks iOS 10 picking some of the best new releases in the recent past days.

latest Cydia tweaks

Making iOS 10.2 the latest jailbrekable, we still find Yalu as the recently released working jailbreak. Although there were certain stories in some further instances, none of them were at a state of release as a public jailbreak. But from all them, we find worth mentioning Saigon jailbreak which recently came to the public with 10.2.1 jailbreak, but yet with some limitations. So in the meantime, we meet some interesting reveals to Jailbreak iOS 11 too including Todesco’s Webkit exploit. In that way, it seems like we are getting to an interesting era of jailbreak and Cydia download. But all above that, let us look for some Cydia updates that going to work best on jailbreak 10-10.2.

Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 10

In considering the current jailbreak era, we find nothing much to get inspired of. But as always, there is something new to get in the Cydia store this time too. So let us now see what are they and how they going to be worth downloading for you.

Tooth for $1.00

Cydia Tweaks

If you are with the activator, this is a worth download from Cydia. In fact, it is to connect Bluetooth with activator gestures to easily go with the options. The tweak can be had for a little one-time payment.

SwitcherXI for Free

Having a jailbroken firmware makes you stop from getting iOS 11 Download at the moment. But that does not mean you cannot take that experience on the handset. So download SwitcherXI from Cydia to get iOS 11-like App switcher experience. It is free and will bring you the same aesthetics like iOS 11 App Switcher.

UpsideBoard for Free

Cydia Tweaks

This is another interesting update in Cydia which allows you to view upside down on your handset. And as this working well on all jailbroken devices including the Plus sized, this could be a choice of a majority. You can have the tweak for completely free.

HideReminderSearchView for Free

Reminders app on iOS is one of the most used apps today. So having this tweak, you can take some customization in it with the ability to hide the status bar making the interface more simplified.

iPAd Support for Whatsapp for Free

Cydia Tweaks iOS 10

Whatsapp is one of the trending messaging applications nowadays. And if you are one its die-hard fans, this is worth trying which allows you to take the native Whatsapp compatibility on the iPad. The tweak is totally free.

These are some of the best Cydia Tweaks iOS 10 from all of the ones I found in recent times. So enjoy the times with all these Cydia apps and Tweaks until we meet up again with another fresh chapter.


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