All New Cydia Apps and Tweaks to Try

Seeing no jailbreak for a quite long era has made a distract among all Cydia fans. But as always, we find Cydia developers at work for more Cydia Apps and Tweaks in target the most recent iOS 10 jailbreak. So it is now time to look for some of the latest jailbreak tweaks also with a look to jailbreak updates around.

Cydia apps and tweaks

Although we have no update to Jailbreak iOS 11, there are to view various demonstrations that give the impulse to a new prospect. So there, we could not forget the recent demo by Liang Cheng which shows iPhone X Jailbreak on iOS 11.1.1. But the thing is, there we do not get any clue of the exploiting or about the releases in progress as he has not mentioned anything above the code injection at the POC 2017 stage. However, if he is in any plan of an immediate update, there would be so much to write on Cydia Download. So let us now see what is new in store for Yalu 10 while keeping the wait for a new chapter.

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Latest Cydia Apps And Tweaks

Having successful jailbreak on iPhone, iPad and iPod will give you thousands of opportunities rather than being restricted to stock walls. So if you are one from all benefited Yalu iOS 10-10.2, try these useful Cydia Tweaks which were released in the last few weeks.

Maize for $3.00

Amazing tweak for iOS 10 jailbroken devices to get iOS 11 like Control center experience. It brings you all same qualities of iOS 11 control center making you not worried having still no access to iOS 11 experience.  And for those who have ControlCenterXI Tweak already installed, can get Maize for half of its labeled price.

Translucency for Free

This is a free tweak from Cydia to get in-app translucency effect to all the apps as you required. So that you can get an indirect hint of the Home Screen wallpaper as a new aesthetic effect behind the work interface.

BBMEasy for Free

This is a useful tweak to download for those who use BBM Messenger App. In fact, the tweak brings a number of features and enhancements to the messenger app for no cost.

Instagram Down Image for Free

If you have ever worried having no chance to save all of your favorites from the Instagram feed, it is now time for a change. Having the free tweak Instagram Down Image you can now easily save the images you like through the new button added down.

While Cydia getting updated with quite more interesting Cydia Apps and Tweaks, we also see a renewed prospect to Jailbreak iOS 11. So it is now time to wait some more time further to take up all the updates.

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