iOS 9.3.2 updated version for 9.7 inch iPad Pro


On 2nd of June Apple has once again renewed the crowd by releasing an iOS 9.3.2 updated version in addition to original iOS 9.3.2 announcement made recently. This has come as Apple’s solution for 9.7 inch iPad Pro brick problem after installing iOS 9.3.2.


“Error 56” with iPad Pro 9.7 inch model

iOS 9.3.2 was announced on May 16 with a considerable fixes implementation to make iOS more stable, but unexpectedly there were few complaints on the update among a large number of good comments with iOS 9.3.2 smooth installation and functioning, that is iPad Pro brick problem after installing iOS 9.3.2. There were only a few complaints about this “Error 56”, but Apple has promised, to work on a possible fix very soon. As said Apple has recently released iOS 9.3.2 updated version especially to address 9.7 inch iPad Pro model brick problem with an error saying “Error 56”.


iOS 9.3.2 Again

As to the release note, iOS 9.3.2 new version come addressing this iPad Pro brick problem, those who were liked but worried iOS 9.3.2 on 9.7 iPad Pro now has a reliable solution with the same update. The new iOS 9.3.2 version comes in build 13F72.

Installing iOS 9.3.2 on iPad Pro


The new version is now available to download over-the-air on any 9.7 inch iPad Pro, including which prevented earlier of  getting iOS 9.3.2 with the original announcement. If you do not receive the update over the air, you can try getting it also through iTunes manually.

iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 has also released to the public in few days back, but it was not allowed iPad Pro 9.7 inch users to install. This might have applied until Apple solve the issue with iPad pro bricking, in that way the next beta release of iOS 9.3.3 may surely announce to all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch users, including iPad Pro 9.7 inch model.

As promised Apple has answered the issue in a trusted way with the same iOS version. Most expected iOS 9.3.3 to release soon addressing this issue, but Apple has managed to renew the same iOS update with specific changes. Earlier this “Error 56” was supposed to be a hardware problem, but to iPad Pro 9.7 inch models it has occurred after installing iOS 9.3.2. Even though there were only a little number of complaints on this dreadful matter, Apple did not mistake the crowd, and finally iOS 9.3.2 once again came in an improved, bug-free frame to cater all iDevices including 9.7 inch iPad Pro. If you need more support for this “Error 56” in iPad Pro models when updating to iOS 9.3.2 from iOS earlier versions, you will have to take a look on Apple’s Support document published specifically to address this brick problem. For more all expected issues and related solutions can be cover with this Apple’s support document related to iPad Pro 9.7 inch model.

Apple is looking More in to Fixes; iOS 9.3.3 Beta Download


iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 has now released to the developers and public testers making those who believed iOS 9.3.2 to be the final version before iOS 10 false. With the reports up to now this iOS release is largely expected to announce probably within a few days as it supposed to carry fixes and improvements to iOS 9.3.2. Even though the release note does not say much, iOS 9.3.3 is largely believed to come answering the problem with iPad Pro 9.7 inch model on iOS 9.3.2. So take part of Apple beta testing program and find what you can get with iOS 9.3.3 beta download.


iOS 9.3.3 Beta 1 Download

If you are a member of Apple beta testing program you can receive this beta release over the air to update, but you must have installed to proper iOS certificate on your iOS device to receive the beta update. The beta 1 of iOS 9.3.3 is available for both developers and public testers by now.


Go to Settings > General > Software Update

Taking part in the beta testing is good for those who are interested on upcoming iOS releases, in fact it allows the user to participate in the developing of next iOS version by giving feedback. But these beta versions are not well finished updates like iOS releases; in fact they are just test trials possible with crashes. So it is important to know what beta versions are stand for, if you are in view being a member of Apple beta testing program. You can sign up through official beta testing website of Apple as it will give right to both iOS and OS X betas immediately as they arrived.

What will iOS 9.3.3 Feature?

iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 was announced about a week after iOS 9.3.2 release which was mainly implemented fixes. But throughout the whole week we heard some fixes users are still in need of getting after iOS 9.3.2 install, mainly 9.7 inch iPad Pro brick issue with iOS 9.3.2 install. That could be the main reason why Apple has turned to one more iOS 9 update at a moment we are very close to iOS 10. In that way iOS 9.3.3 upcoming release will surely come addressing what you felt buggy with iOS 9.3.2.


This iOS 9.3.3 beta comes with some fixes and minor scale improvements over iOS 9.3.2, so we can expect its final release to be more fixes implemented to make the iOS experience more stable and trouble free.

If you were troubled with iPad Pro brick with iOS 9.3.2 install, this upcoming iOS release will surely make you free of that bug. In fact you can be absolutely happy with Apple’s quick view on this matter even though there are only few complaints have reported. Currently this iOS 9.3.3 beta is not available for iPad Pro 9.7 inch models, which could mean developers, are still testing this iOS 9.3.3 on other devices to know how it applies on them. So we can expect for soon iOS release once again with more fixes and improvements probably before WWDC event in few weeks ahead. Therefore keep hopes on next iOS release if you are in need of more fixes to your current iOS version.

Latest News – Cydia for iOS 9.3.2

In recently there was a software update for the Apple iOS 9.3.2, with in last few weeks. With the best improvements from the earlier released Apple iOS 9.3.2 Beta versions and the bugs fixed by the previously founded within their iOS developments in versions. Suppose that all the Jailbreak iOS 9 to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 was enabled with the feature of putting on to flight mode the iDevice when its process of Jailbraking. So from the Beta iOS 9.3.2 version they have collected numerous types of the facts while developing this newest version of iOS 9.3.2. Well at the moment you still can have the last version of Jailbreak iOS 9.3.1 and because of that Cydia for iOS 9.3.2 is difficult to find at the moment to download for your device. Well suppose that this time Apple Company uses the four leading software developers to enhance these newest iOS 9.3.2 features and to get over it and create the Jailbreak solution for this will be a real challenge among all of this for the team Pangu and Taig as well.


Testing in real environment and adding more improvements sometimes can be having as a very big difficulty to overcome finding security leaks or holes are not easy as much as we think. So at the moment Cydia download for iOS 9.3.2 is still not available. There are various types of web pages and technical review websites that provide the information they have the full package of Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 and the Cydia for iOS 9.3.2 but we just have to totally take things as only a rumor. This fake website provides fake download links by mentioning that you can get the application of newest Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 and also with Cydia iOS 9.3.2. You just needed to think about there are no other way to having Jailbreak your device without they officially release.

Well suppose that you cannot find out Cydia for iOS 9.3.2 but you can use the last update of the Jailbreak 9.3.1 and Cydia IOS 9.1 the software application package for your iDevice’s  without having any problem until you can get the full package of Jailbrake and as well as Cydia.

About the jailbreak iOS 9.3.2

Apple Company Inc just out there newest development of iOS version of iOS 9.3.2 that installed with the iDevices like for iPhone, iPad and also with iPod with several security patches and technical enhancements, but up to now you cannot find iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak installation package yet.

About the jailbreak iOS 9.3.1

At the moment you may unable to have this Cydia for iOS 9.3.1 application bundle with these version. You cannot find iOS 9.3.1 jailbreak installation package yet.

About the jailbreak iOS 9.3  

apple company out the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod with some newest enhancements that number of Cydia fans that wishes to see it’s relies of Jailbreak but this too not at possible to get at moment.


There is a famous Jailbreak developer named Luca Todesco he was out the video about   untethered jailbreak regarding the operating systems of iOS 9.2, 9.2.1 & 9.3.  but he was officially not released this application bundle to public use.

Why Impossible Cydia installation with iOS 9.3.2

As mentioned above the installation of Cydia for iOS 9.3, iOS 9.3.1, iOS 9.3.2 is a thing that cannot do at the moment. While Pangu team or Taig team finding the solution for the developing the newest version of Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 this will be impossible thing to do. However, Apple iDevices owners around the world are willing to see this newest release of Cydia for iOS 9.3.2, iOS 9.3.1, iOS 9.3 latest release. They will never lose their hope for this and waiting to have with this with their iDevices.

Latest Tech Updates – Cydia download for iOS 9.3 to 9.3.2 update


As we know Apple Inc released their latest operating system for their Apple devices by releasing iOS 9.3.2 in early they released the secondary development of iOS 9.2 Beta that can be functioned and test by the people that we introduce as Beta testers in public. That means this development of iOS 9.2 Beta tests under real time apple device owners test their own environment. They can download this and install within their devices. Apple Company always releasing the updated versions of their operating systems. But respectively Cydia development was not enhanced well Cydia download for iOS 9.3 to 9.3.2 update is still not available in that case.


Well up to now Cydia development team unable to develop Cydia package for iOS 9.2 well in that case still there still users not able to Cydia download for iOS 9.3.1 that’s why until now apple device users using Cydia software package for IOS 9.1. at the moment that was the only package that can functioned with 64bit integrated Apple devices. Well if you are willing to having latest update of Cydia download for iOS 9.3 to 9.3.2, the best thing is you can download Cydia package that released for iOS 9.1 and castoff it with your device.

Apple Company released iOS9.1 operating system for iDevices in October and in 2015. Later from that they have released the updated IOS version that IOS 9.2, aftee that iOS 9.2.1. The Jailbreak is still really good with the Apple operating system of iOS 9. Well its better you may not to update your Apple device any of them and then you can install this software tool of Cydia for software tool of Cydia that and use it.

 Improvements that founds Apple iOS 9.2

  • Latest features are added in Apple Music.
  • Camera Adapter that well-matched with USB this can use to transfer any digital content in your device.
  • Solved the problems in Cyrillic keyboards
  • Enhanced the ability of Quick Reply
  • Backing with the languages used in Arab Emirates Arabic like Saudi Arabia.
  • Resolve some glitches and improved with iCloud Backups utilities.
  • Constancy of Safari browser’s enhanced

iOS 9.2 support these Apple devices   

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 2
  • iPad mini
  • iPad Pro
  • 5th generation
  • iPod touch

iOS 9.2 only took the space of 250 MB and notifications can be seen by users to allow update OS automatically. Well if you are already instead newest version of it such as iOS 9.3, iOS 9.2 also with iOS 9.2.1, there you may not to able in Roll Back method. Well it’s better to install IOS.91 and its Cydia installer for your apple device.

Latest Tech Updates – Cydia installer for iOS 9.2


Apple Company has launched the newest firmware for their devices as iOS 9.3.2, also previously they have provided second edition of development in iOS 9.2 Beta to use and test to people known as Public Beta Testers. It was out to the public to test in user’s environment; via the Apple firmware development center users can download this latest developed version of iOS. Apple Company releasing their newest iOS versions it is really nice but according to that process still Cydia development team is unable to provide the Cydia installer for iOS 9.2 until now. You may not to have Cydia download iOS 9.3.1 also at the moment Still you can see that people are using Cydia installer for, IOS 9.1. But somehow it was only compatible to function with   Apple devices that have integrated with 64 bit chipset. Because of that still Cydia installer for iOS 9.2 you can install Cydia installer for, iOS 9.1 and used it.


By Apple Inc they have out the iOS 9.1firmware within the month of October and in year of 2015.after wise they have out the upgraded firmware version of iOS 9.2, and next iOS 9.2.1. Jailbreak tool was successfully functioned with the version of iOS 9 there are no compatibility problems have found, so your devices can used to function with this iOS 9 without updating your Apple iPhone or iPad and iPod likewise any apple device. And use this software tool of Cydia to it will be better method that you just needed to look out because of the Cydia installer for iOS 9.2 is still not available.        .

Well you just have to remind that on your mind once you have upgraded your Apple device with a use of iOS 9.3, iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.2.1 there are no way to roll back the installation of update in your Apple device if you have install this latest update of iOS 9.1 through versions in above. Well you are not too able with jailbreak iOS 9.2 because of that you may not able to Cydia installer for that and still not developed.

Some Improvement in Apple iOS   9.2 ,

  • Boosted with newest features and use of Apple Music
  • iPhone compatible with USB Camera Adapter which that support to import photos also media files like videos.
  • Patch and fixed the problem that have occurred while using Cyrillic keyboards that have to use caps lock while that have to type specific URL
  • keyboard receptiveness was enhanced while that use in Quick Reply
  • Supports the languages of United Arab Emirates Arabic like Saudi Arabia.
  • Solve the problems and enhanced certain manual iCloud Backups functions.
  • Podcasts and Safari browser’s stability was improved.

This iOS 9.2 is functioned well without any compatible issues with Apple devices like iPhone, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad Pro and 5th generation and iPod touch this firmware‘s maximally take only 250 MB in file’s size given the popup notification to users by ask get the update automatically.

Seems that it’s better to have your Apple device without upgrading to latest version which still Jailbreak iOS 9.2 is still not available  and setting up of Cydia installer for iOS 9.2 ,in ability of the download, without following fake tech news reviews available in electronic media it is such a leftover of time and money.